If we think of ourselves as a product, something you’d want someone to purchase if you were on the shelf in a department store, would someone take notice? Why not live life and sell your product “you” in the biggest, baddest, boldest, and best way possible? Why not be your own commercial showing the world who you are and why what you are offering is the real deal?  Do you realize that once you engage someone in the person you are, it’s much easier to engage them in what you are doing or offering? There are so many platforms to assist you in marketing “your brand”.  They are filled with all different packaging levels and qualities. I can guarantee that you will most often gravitate towards the packaging that is of the highest quality, or stands out from the crowd. It’s like going into your average store. You peruse the items one by one until your eyes lock on one in particular whose branding is Bigger, Badder, Bolder, and Better than the others. When you check the cost, it  will probably be a high-end ticket price and because they spent time designing, and redesigning that blueprint. creating the look and feel to stand out amongst the sea of similar products it is worth the price.  

The work that goes into a video or commercial shoot for a product or its spokesperson is much more complex than meets the eye. When casting for something as simple as breakfast cereal. The casting person seeks out the Biggest, Baddest, Boldest and Best actor or spokesperson they can find.  Here’s how it goes. Lets say they put out a casting call seeking a male 25-35. He must be dreamy looking and have an athletic built. That breakdown would probably describe most of the actors in Hollywood. This should be a breeze, after all he’s not to going to speak, just look good on camera while eating cereal. One would think this should take no time at all. NOT! Because the search is for someone who looks good  with the cereal, the “brand” and not the other way around, this process can be tedious and drawn out. 

WE are individual products.

The process to being your Biggest, Baddest, Boldest, and Better self is like casting yourself in your own project.

 Are You Ready? Terrah invites you: Rewrite your BLUEPRINT!